Local Partner Organizations

Northland partners with a number of local organizations that work to serve those in need within our community. Part of being a church distributed is making connections and building relationships for greater Kingdom impact. Our partners give us a better view of the needs within the local area, providing Northland’s staff and congregation with opportunities to share God’s love with others in tangible and practical ways.

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Global Partner Churches

"Partners" are churches with whom Northland has ever-deepening relationships for mutual support and increased effectiveness for the Kingdom of God. We are not complete without each other. They further our understanding and appreciation of God. We connect with them on a personally fulfilling heart level and we work well together to bless others. Like all relationships, these partnerships are dynamic. They need to be renewed on a regular basis, or they will lose their vitality. We need to continue to work together to serve others in eternally significant ways. That is why we want you to get to know them. Be encouraged. Be challenged. Be international. Be distributed!

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Northland is involved with distributing ministry to people outside of our own local, cultural and linguistic sphere of ministry, in accordance with the promise God gave to Abraham (Genesis 12:3) and the command and expectation of Jesus for the church to make disciples and be His witnesses ... in all the world (Acts 1:8). The missionaries listed here provide opportunities for Northland to connect with other organizations for the development of new partnerships, and also provide direct ministry opportunities for Northlanders through short-term missions trips and distributed journeys.

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