Dan Hardaway


 Dan Hardaway

Governing Elder Dan Hardaway stared working for Campus Crusade for Christ in 1983, where he has served in many roles—field staff, international group travel coordinator, travel manager, director of new strategy development—and currently as Director of Strategic Partnerships for Global Church Movements. For 17 years he was connecting with companies in publishing, music and movies industries to find resources that help leaders to be more effective on the local level.  One of his projects with Campus has been the Freshman Survival Kit, which has touched the lives of several million students. Now he is coaching leaders in Souteast Asia, and Eastern Europe. His team is partnering with Northland and other ministries to trust God for 5 million new fellowships by the year 2020.

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dan became a Christian at age 16 through the influence of his sister in August 1976. He and his wife, Lorraine, have been married since 1985 and have four children: Clark recently married and lives in Orlando, Adam, a graduate of FSU and Emory Law School; Abby, an undergraduate student at Vanderbilt; and Carrie, a freshman at FSU. Dan and Lorraine joined Northland in 1991 and led a home group for 10 years. “Lorraine and I love working in ministry together,” he says. “Dealing with young people has been a blast for the last 29 years of ministry. Recently, being in Northland’s Marriage Prep Class as mentors has been one of the most fun aspects of our ministry.” They also enjoy teaching the Young Believers class.

Dan has taken four distributed journeys with Northland—to Namibia, Panama, Brazil and Ukraine—and was accompanied each time by one of his children. He concludes: “I am thrilled with where we are headed as a church and am honored to serve as an elder.”


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