February 15


I am finding myself stressed and perhaps mildly depressed over the worries of my past, present and future. I continue to really struggle seeing god’s love. The scripture many will hear, but few are chosen is bothering me because I do feel like I am abandoned by God. I understand, that my lack of understanding also leads me to places that are sinful and perhaps it’s my own doing that keeps me feeling so separated. Anyway, I continue to look for a full time job, I continue to hope for a husband and a family one day, and I continue to regret decisions I have made that impact who I am today. I am asking that you all pray for the me to be covered by the Grace, Mercy, Love of God and that any spiritual war against me will be won. And though I know I am to trust, the length of time I have felt separated from God is also a burden I do not understand, so I ask that even in this time I have some understanding. Thank you all.

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