January 10

Karen Saunders

Please pray for my dad Charles Saunders as we got not so good news today. Went to dr. today for his treatment for bladder cancer. The dr could not do test today my dad has a infection and saw blockage and said there is a tumor! He got good new 2 month ago and every thing was clear of infection and tumor. So I am asking would you please pray for my dad and put him on your prayer list to pray for and ask god to help him with this for healing of infection and bladder tumer to be gone. He will be going back in 4 weeks to the dr office after the infection clear up and do that test again so we need prayers now for god to help and people to pray for my dad. Pray that the dr does not see anything and good new would be so good. My dad has been dealing with bladder cancer for 3 years so please pray for him. Thank You God bless You

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