What Will 2017 Look Like?

Bradley Nolff

Need a new year’s resolution? Or maybe just one you can actually keep? How about getting closer to Christ?

2017 marks the beginning of a new year and a new journey—and also a journey full of unknowns and challenges. That’s why we’re kicking off the new year with a series focused on seeking the Kingdom. But remember, the Kingdom of God is located not at a point in geography, but at a point in people. 

Pastor Joel has been challenging us throughout December to get closer to others, resulting in closeness to Christ: “If you’re not willing to get close, you’ll never hear the rest of God’s story.” God’s story doesn’t end at Christmas; that’s where it begins.

So how do you take your next step on this journey? We have learned that we can’t journey alone. That’s why we’ve created a simple and practical midweek study (with videos from Pastor Joel) to help us take his weekend teachings to the next level in our lives. Our goal is to help our faith be both a noun and a verb.

Join us in January as we launch this exciting, life-changing series and carry the momentum of Christmas into the new year. Be sure to invite a friend!

Let’s make 2017 our best year yet!

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