What Does It Mean to Be Pro-Life When We Consider the Death Penalty?

Bradley Nolff

Longwood, Florida – Good Christians can come down on different sides of this question, but we all need to consider why we believe as we do. That is why Northland, A Church Distributed is hosting a conversation on capital punishment with Shane Claiborne.

Shane Claiborne is a national leader who facilitates discussions on controversial and difficult questions for followers of Jesus. Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland, reminds us that “we cannot get to spiritual maturity without struggling together with biblical issues; we can’t deepen our faith by easy and unexamined answers.”

Dr. Joel C. Hunter will moderate this discussion between Shane and others. This panel will include a family member of a murder victim.This family member, Darlene, not only opposes the death penalty but also has taken up the fight against the State Attorney’s Office to save the life of the man who killed her daughter. She refuses to support the recommendation of death to the offender and continues to advocate life, not death.

Herman, the 23rd man in Florida to be exonerated and the first exoneree who the Florida Supreme Court unanimously voted should never have been arrested, let alone sent to death row, also will weigh into this discussion.

People who see the death penalty as justified by Scripture and justice will be equally welcome and represented by Attorney John Stemberger.

Would you be part of this important conversation on this topic with Shane, Dr. Hunter, Darlene, Herman and others? Our hope is that we all walk away with a greater awareness of this issue and an overwhelming grace for one another.

When: Wednesday, January 25 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Northland, A Church Distributed, 530 Dog Track Road, Longwood, Florida

Cost: Free

More information can be found here.