The Best Gift, by Becky Hunter

Becky Hunter

The story is told, that a monk found a precious stone. A short time later, the monk met a hungry traveler who asked the monk if he would share some of his provisions. When the monk opened his bag, the traveler saw the precious stone and, on an impulse, asked the monk if he could have it. Without hesitation, the monk gave the traveler the stone. The traveler departed quickly, overjoyed with his new possession. However, a few days later, he came back, searching for the one who had given him the stone. He found the monk, returned the stone, and made a request: "I want something more valuable, more precious than that stone. Please give me that which enabled you to give me such a precious stone!"

We Christians who find as much joy in passing along a blessing as we do in finding one have something much more significant to offer the world than is inherent in any specific offering we make. Whether we offer blessings that are tangible, like financial resources, or ones that are intangible, like time and energy, it is the witness to God’s nature that others may glimpse through our unique compassion and generosity that matters most.  So we serve, we give, and along the way, some will hear God’s “still small voice” and circle back to us to ask why we do what we do. Pray that there will be many who hear His voice; many whom we can tell about Jesus; and many who will have “ears to hear” that He conquered death so that they, too, can live in a close relationship with God forever!

Easter is a great celebration of the Best Gift – the resurrected Christ. Celebrate that Gift this Easter! And, of course, we’d love to have you join us onsite or online this weekend to do just that!

“And this is the gift and eternal life: That they know You, the one and only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You sent.” – John 17:3 (The Message)