Becky Hunter

Family holding hands underneath the flag of the United States

I have prayed for this great nation since I was old enough to vote. I used to pray about the issues this country was dealing with, but for a number of years now, I have been praying for our nation. There is a difference between praying about something and praying for something. Praying about our country’s challenges had focused me on problems and pointing them out to God, almost implying that I didn’t think He was noticing the issues. These days, though, as I pray for the United States, I come to God with gratitude for her beauty, her compassionate heart and her amazing capacity to bless the world in myriad ways. I pray for the Holy Spirit to show up in the hearts of all her people. When I’m talking with the God of the universe it seems silly to me not to ask for His most amazing interventions!

This Thursday, May 7, is the National Day of Prayer. Joel and I along with millions of Americans will be praying for our nation to be the blessing to the world she has the capacity to be and for each of us who have the privilege of calling this country our home to live grateful and generous lives. I hope you will be praying, too, for this country. Prayers for her matter.

“Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day” (1 Kings 8:28).