“A New Season” from Pastor Joel

Dr. Joel C. Hunter

After 32 years of serving as your Senior Pastor at Northland, following 15 years as a pastor in the United Methodist Church, my call to the pastoral role in a church is fulfilled.

Northland has become a wonderful church family and has played an important part in the discipleship of its congregants and also in the improvement of the community, nation, and many parts of the world. I have nothing but love and gratitude for you and a sense of accomplishment for my time at Northland.

I am excited for the church’s next season of development and leadership. God will provide leaders to take this congregation to the next level of discipleship and to accomplish things that we didn’t during my time here. That is as it should be.

You’ve often heard me express a desire to serve at Northland for the rest of my life. So you may be asking, “What changed?” 

I believe God will continue using Northland in wonderful ways, but He is calling me to focus my life on a new season of ministry outside the four walls of the church.

When I knelt at the altar to give my whole life to Jesus, I was a part of the Civil Rights movement. My focus on Jesus was not only for personal salvation after this life but also for compassion towards the marginalized in this life. My call to follow Jesus and serve the vulnerable is stronger than ever.

Jesus often taught in different synagogues but the bulk of his teaching and work was outside established religious settings. Following his way, I will seek to include the unincluded in the Kingdom.

During this new season of ministry, I will focus on three areas of service: 1) Helping people follow Jesus by teaching the Bible and holding a Q&A at a community venue. This will be a weekly gathering, not a church but simply a midweek assembly for anyone who wants to follow Jesus more closely. 2) Working to further the effectiveness of the Community Resource Network (CRN) with people and congregations who want to work together to help the vulnerable and eliminate homelessness in our region. 3) Distributing the church into everyday life by helping to form networks of people who follow Jesus.
I am so excited for my next season of ministry. You can support me as I take first steps into this next season by following CRN on Facebook

My experience, relationships, and apostolic gifting are at their highest potential and I will spend them in the most productive way possible in this final season of my journey.

Pastor Joel