Falling, by Becky Hunter

Becky Hunter

Did you ever fall down? I mean really literally fall down. I’ve fallen down numerous times, but I’ve never been more embarrassed about it than when I was in 8th grade and acting in a school play in front of the entire student body.

My role required me to quickly run around a circular track while people cheered. Well, I went too wide, got off track and completely fell off the stage! Some of the students gasped, others laughed. From their point of view surely both responses made sense. My middle-school thoughts found a solution to my floundering sprawl that included pretending like I was unconscious. That scared everyone to death who cared one iota about me, but in reality my ego was damaged a lot more than my body, so my father (who was the principal of my middle school) rushed over and tried to get me upright, but I just wasn’t ready to face the embarrassment of my situation. He knew that, so he scooped me up and held me until I was.

God does that same thing when we get “off track” (in a spiritual sense) and fall. There will be people who gasp and even some who think it’s funny, but God knows the true extent of the damage and if we let Him, He will scoop us up into His arms and hold us until we are brave enough to get back to the role He chose us to play.

“The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.” - Proverbs 24:16(a)(NLT)