Becky Hunter

“Christ, who came once in the flesh, is prepared to come again. When we remove obstacles to His presence He will come to dwell spiritually in our hearts, bringing with Him the riches of His grace.”

- St. Charles Borromeo

Remote in hand, I was flipping through the channels when the tv screen filled with the face of an elderly gentleman peering over an open Bible. “Are you devoted?”, he asked with an appealing kindness. I put down the remote: partially because I was intrigued by his tone and partially because I was curious about his take on devotion. He immediately turned his question back on himself saying that he considers himself devoted only as he loves well and is loyal in his relationships. “Are you devoted?” is not a question I hear often, but it’s one that I hope I always will be able to answer confidently and without hesitation, “Yes!”.

To be fully devoted to Christ I need ongoing encouragement to love well and to be completely loyal. So, devotion to Him requires being in God’s Word every day and gathering the insights of others who also love God and study the Bible. This Advent season I’m doing that a couple of ways. I’m engaging with others to go through Northland’s Weekly Discussion Guide and second, every day, I’m reading a brand new personal devotional, I AM CHRISTMAS! It’s a great little devotional book written by Dr. Randall Loy, a fellow Northlander. It reads much like Jesus Calling and I love it! It’s helping me have a quicker and stronger “Yes” response to the question, “Are you devoted?”

“I am with you and I love you. Look for Me. Look for Me everywhere and always...Tell others about our easy, engaging conversations and tell others about My sacrificial gift to mankind. Tell others to find Me in the stable and to find Me atop the stairway to life eternal.” - excerpted from

 I AM CHRISTMAS! by Randall Loy M.D.