Christmas Camp 2016 Update

Ember Langley

Last week, over 200 high school students made the trek to Jasper, Georgia to attend Christmas Camp at SharpTop Cove. 

Brian Katauskas, Families and Students Pastor at Northland-Oviedo, led the main sessions at night, taking the students through Romans 8:1-30, speaking on being aware of the Holy Spirit in his or her own life. 

“This was my last year at Christmas Camp as a high schooler. I have never felt the Holy Spirit and Christ so much. [I learned that] the Holy Spirit is never completely extinguished and that God the Father will love us and never turn His back on us,” Senior Collin Hensley said.

Throughout the week, students experienced the beauty of God’s creation in the mountains. Days consisted of meals with their cabins, small group time, solo time, team games, class sessions, and skits. 

Junior Courtney Stewart said, “Peace, power, and praise all sum up my Christmas Camp experience perfectly. It was a time where I could find myself through my brokenness, connect with God through the beautiful environment and be reminded of the Holy Spirit that thrives in me and His wonderful works.” 

Students had the opportunity to spend New Years Eve worshipping together after taking communion with their cabins. Led by the worship band, students and leaders were encouraged to pray together as they entered 2017. 

“As a first time Christmas Camper, I really think Christmas Camp was life changing. From zip lining to phenomenal worship to mountain climbing to deep talks, I felt myself growing closer to the girls in my cabin and closer to God. I can’t think of any other way I’d want to spend my New Years from now on,” Junior Sydney Mycroft said. 

Throughout the week, there were so many opportunities for students to deepen their relationships with peers and leaders.

“We are beyond thankful for all of the prayers and financial support from the Northland family for Christmas Camp 2016! For five days, our students disconnected from their normal routine, and got a chance to fully engage with each day. Everything from the games we played, to the skits, to the classes, the small groups, the free time, the solo time, the worship and sermons — all of it was covered in prayer and centered around growing closer to the Lord and each other. Many students even gave their lives to the Lord for the first time! We celebrate each step that was taken this week, and are so thankful for the work that He is doing. We know that the work doesn’t end here, and ask for your continued prayers for our high school students. Thank you, thank you from the student ministries staff,” High School Minister Kailey Simpson said.

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