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Just as God has uniquely created each individual, designing within each one the potential to contribute something precious to the lives of others, so too God has created diversity in His kingdom so that each congregation and Christian organization will make a unique contribution to the world.

Melinda Rutland

Global Children's Curriculum Producer

Melinda Rutland oversees the children’s curriculum website, supporting churches across the world that use the same weekly lessons as the children here at Northland. She has traveled to numerous countries sharing the story of God and His people through the curriculum, The Worship, The Word & The Way. She also coordinates the ongoing project of translating the curriculum into multiple languages including Spanish and Arabic.

Melinda loves that her work at Northland provides the opportunity to “encourage young hearts in Christ and help them establish a solid walk with Jesus, which they can continue for the rest of their lives.” Melinda is a graduate of the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She and her husband, Jason, have attended Northland together since 2001 and have two daughters, Claire and Kate.

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