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Just as God has uniquely created each individual, designing within each one the potential to contribute something precious to the lives of others, so too God has created diversity in His kingdom so that each congregation and Christian organization will make a unique contribution to the world.

Angela Davies

Community Development Director

Angela Davies provides leadership for the expanded collaboration between the church and congregation, local and global community and government agencies. Angela is in charge of handling any recommended changes, implementation strategies and development plans that come from the Compassion and Reconciliation ministries (e.g. Life Hope, Prison/Jail Ministry, Homeless Initiative, Anti-Human Trafficking, etc.) — all in the vision of The Distributed Church. This is important in the long-term success of Northland’s resourcing and partnership development with the community. She works closely with community leaders, establishing pathways for progress and long-term commitments to our community. Angela has a wealth of experience in juvenile justice, mental health counseling and local public schools which aids her in collaboration activities between the church, government, nonprofits and the community.

Angela is the eldest daughter of Northland Pastor Gus Davies. She has grown up both in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and Orlando, Florida. She has also been a part of the Northland family for 17 years. Angela has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of South Florida and a masters in social work from the University of Central Florida. In her spare time, Angela enjoys traveling and connecting with friends.

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