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Just as God has uniquely created each individual, designing within each one the potential to contribute something precious to the lives of others, so too God has created diversity in His kingdom so that each congregation and Christian organization will make a unique contribution to the world.

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Morning Bible Reading Apr 21

Psalm 147

Hallelujah! It's a good thing to sing praise to our God;
praise is beautiful, praise is fitting.

God's the one who rebuilds Jerusalem,
who regathers Israel's scattered exiles.
He heals…

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Starliene Burch

I had to move back to Iowa from Florida 2 years ago to get guardianship of two grandchildren age 7 and 8. It has been a struggle wirh employment since moving here. I have…
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Rebecca Rhoades

Please pray that a pro bono attorney for my best friend Kyle is found before his docket sounding on 6/3. He is facing 6 very serious charges and is only legitimately guilty of one…
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